New Zealand born Heather Sarin is well known in Europe, Asia and USA. Her work hangs in many prominent places including JP Morgan the merchant bankers and some of the famous colleges in Cambridge University, U.K. Fresh, colourful, and as the curator at Newnham College stated “It is rare to find such depth in work these days”.

She was brought up in a very creative family with her grandfather being one of New Zealand’s first talkie movie makers.

Abstraction for Heather has been an exciting development, one she had been edging towards for some time. It has allowed her the freedom to express what she really wants to say through colour, line and shape without the restriction of form. Many of the paintings have reference to the landscape but interpreted in a unique way where movement is optimum and the lines leads the viewer in a direction not yet travelled.

Passionate about human evolution and the need to imbibe and develop the amazing qualities of nature is paramount. Desperate to establish, through her work, a much greater connection to the beauty around us, whether it is found in the wonderful artisan designs in the market place or the view from the mountain top. Hopefully by appreciating these qualities it will enable us to move forward in an inventive, sensitive and creative way.